Repetitive coding task

I have some reptative coding tasks how avoid it.
like in java/python we can create method and call function

You can also create some function in uipath and you can use it when you need it.
Best Practices in UIPATH Studio

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You can either use the ‘Library’ feature from the inception where you start the studio and select the project type or you can go with run of the mill ‘Process’ with sequences or flowchart and then publish it as a library or a custom activity and re-use it as required.

Also, if you don’t wish too publish or create new custom components and your requirement is ad-hoc for a short project then you can create re-usable components (xaml workflows) and call them using ‘Invoke Workflow’ activity by creating arguments in them which will act as a modular process in itself.

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PS : Also take a look at for videos and lessons on creating workflows and project types and all in all the UiPath tool for RPA.

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