Repeat a filter activity

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I am trying to filter a column. In the filter, there are many boxes to tick. As for my automation, i wan to click one box and than copy and paste it to new sheet. I want to repeat the steps for all the boxes. How can i achieve this?

HI @Mark_Rajkumar

You can use Filter Activity

You can simply add all the values that need be selected in the filter option and that will be selected automatically no need of looping



Hi @Mark_Rajkumar ,

When Using the Datatable methods, You could Check the below post that is a Similar Query as yours :

Hi @Sudharsan_Ka can you give me more detailed steps using studiox

Checkout this screenshot @Mark_Rajkumar

You can click on add and add another value in your filter and so on so that while running the column will be get filtered based on the values you added in the Basic filter


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka if the values in the filter column not consistent than how do i go about? This is a daily process where have to filter and take every single value one by one to copy paste to new sheet.

Hi @supermanPunch can you elaborate on the topic u shared. I am thinking how will it help my activity?

Hi @Mark_Rajkumar ,

Inside for loop, create one string variable and assign the filter value to it.
For example: Str_var= “22” (Here I have hardcoded it but you can make it dynamic if you’re reading it from some table or array)

and pass the same inside the filter data table condition in the place of “22”.

This way you might achieve your requirement.
Let me know if you need more info on this.

Ashutosh Gupta

@Mark_Rajkumar ,

Apologies. The post suggested was in regards to the Studio profile and not StudioX.
I believe that method wouldn’t help much for your case within StudioX.