Renaming of file

Hi all,

I want to rename an existing file. I tried using the rename file activity but kept receiving error that it could not find a part of the path


Hi @lqxchan

You can use the File Exist activity and give the path of the excel file, create the variable in the output of File exist, it is in Boolean datatype, let’s call the variable name as Bool_FileExist.

If File Exist it gives True otherwise false.

Then use the If condition to check the file exist or not.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @lqxchan
Ensure that the source file path is correct and the file actually exists at the specified location.
Use a Write Line activity to print the source file path to the output pane to verify it.
Check the Destination File Path Ensure that the destination file path is valid and does not contain any illegal characters or invalid directory paths.
Again, use a Write Line activity to print the destination file path to the output pane for verification.