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attachement%20name%20that%20exsist date mail%20id

I had done with CType syntax now i should replace the attachment name with mail id and date. So i have 3 variable named as name which stores the username and mail id, other is the dmy which stores the date,time and the last in rename variable which stores the name of the attachment that is found in the mail. So now my issue is that i cannot concatenate the username and dmy because it has some special characters. How to over come this. As you said to use replace activity but i dont know how to scrap only the mail id/user name and only the date leaving the special char. i am attaching the mail id and dmy format that i get. Help me out to rectify it.

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Could you please tell me expected filename you want and so that we can help you in this.

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          Expected filename should be username with date


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