Rename the excel

I have a problem
I want to rename my excel name in RPA process
but how can I change it
please help me

@Chenzhixing.PRC Follow below link

Hey @Chenzhixing.PRC

First of all it should be guys :stuck_out_tongue: kidding

Check below link without using hotkeys and if you are ok with hotkey then follow mentioned link by Indra

Rename Single Excel Sheet - #10 by aksh1yadav


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I am very sorry
this is a very serious mistaken
I am very sorry Guys…

It is not rename single Excel sheet
I want change the Excel name


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Don’t be sorry, typos can happen.

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Thank you for your kindness
Have a nice day

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You can copy your file with the activity ‘copy file’ and give it your new name.
Afterwards you can use the activity “delete file” to delete your original file.
You will be left over with a copy which has your new name.