Rename hyperlik in Excel

I have done a data scrape of data and pulled some hyperlink from a website into excel. It extracted all the information I need by the URL exceeds 225 characters so when I comes into excel it is converted to text and not a clickable link. I found that if I take it to word and edit the hyperlink and make the Text to Display something else my link work…

Anyone know how to automate this process?

You can try inserting like this using like a write cell activity:
=HYPERLINK("", "My Small Text")


where would I put this activity?

have also a look on these activities from the components published by @balupad14




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I had never tried this… I have downloaded the package but How do i know which one is the Hyperlinks add?

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does this work in Studio Pro or Studio X

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@balupad14 will for sure help us. Lets wait for him


Thank you @ppr.

in this case , you can use remove hyperlink and add hyperlink activity.

Check this video…

Thank you

Yes. It will work in studio pro and studio x.

Thank you

First thing you have to understand is that you can not use your data scrape activity if the results of it will break your excel, unless you are willing to work on your DataTable before writing it back to excel, if so, tell us the exact content of the column that contains the link that became too big and we help you change it to what i showed you before (would be like this in a for each row):
row("my link column")="=HYPERLINK(row("my link column").ToString, """My Small Text""")"

Thanks…the data scrape pulled the data i needed correctly, I have attached the spreadsheet…I worked with an excel help line to add the "http://… " because when I scraped the data that was not part of the address.

I needed to make the scrape data a hyperlink but when I added the LinkedIn: Log In or Sign Up it made the web address too long and converted it to text instead of a hyperlink.

I want to use your solution in a for each row, but not sure where this action should be done…

This is the original data scrape

this is the link with the HTTP… i needed added and creates this link (more than 255 characters)

this makes it text in excel. So I want to use the hyperlink formula above to make a “Candidate Link” The work around I found is to take the link into Word and right click and edit the Text to display…but I have 1000 links I need to do.Linked in Profile Hyperlink2.xlsx (179.0 KB)

Why do I continue to get a runtime error when I try the Get hypelink action

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Hi @uidonna.jones,

Use the excel application scope from BalaReva Easy Excel…


You just need an assign activity to edit the column where your link should go…