Rename file (sourch file name dynamic)

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please help to guide me for activity tool or sequent concept for rename file (sourch file name dynamic)

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You can use Copy file activity and in the source provide the current name and in the destination provide the new name and enable the overwrite.

Thank you Rahul ,
The source file i Move file activity from the download folder (file name is dynamic)
can overwrite because file name is uniqe
affter that ,i want to use the file for new rename and i clear the file from source folder always

Hi @Chanwit,

I have some difficulty understanding you query. However going with my understanding of your query, you are looping on some files from a folder and hence the name of the files are dynamic. To rename the files when you move all you have to do is use the Move File Activity supply the From location as full path of the existing file and in the To pass the base location of the folder and then pass the new file name as per your need:


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Hey @Chanwit

After all your file operations, just use Rename File activity which will help you rename the file.


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i understand when i get back to read
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@Nithin_P Yes , i mean this
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@Nithinkrishna This help full
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