Rename Excel file based on the date it was created

A sequence runs once a month, and a file is downloaded from a website - “file.xlsx”
Before the next time it runs, I want to rename the file to the date it was created like this:
“file - 2019-12-28.xlsx”
I’m using “Move File” and trying to incorporate (function(d) d.CreationTime) without much luck

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Add a variable and call it Today. Assign its value to be DateTime.Now.ToString(“yyyy-MM-dd”). When the sequence runs, it will populate with the date the file was downloaded.

In the destination of your Move File, use Strings.Replace(“file.xlsx”, “.xlsx”, " - " & Today & “.xlsx”)

This should result in your file renaming working as you desire.

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To get the date as string you need:

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Thank you!