Removing rows based on field value or empty field


I have a datatable extracted from the below web table

I do some modifications to the table like removing columns and adding some new ones etc without issues.

But I now need to remove some garbage rows that come with it based on field values, so I apply a For Each Row in the Datatable,

CurrentRow.Item(“Version”).ToString.Equals("") OR CurrentRow.Item(“Competency”).ToString.Equals(“NAME”) OR CurrentRow.Item(“Competency”).ToString.Equals(“Competency Model”)

Assign the current wo to a data row variable “drRowToRemove” and then use the Remove Data Row activity but I keep having those rows present

I feel my If is an issue, but if you see anything else that can help, would really appreciate it!

Never mind, I just realized I could use the Filter activity for this, works perfectly like this, I will be back with more!!! :slight_smile:

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