Removing date format and replacing them with blank space withouth writing dates eg '2020-10-11'

Guys can anyone help me with this I want to rename the folder without mentioning the date and want to replace it with blankspace. What should I use remove or replace. For evey different place.

Hi @aditya.bhandwalkar

Could you elaborate the requirement?

As the system does not allows you to create folder with name empty it will be created as default name Newfolder!


Actually I have them already with me they have the dates on which they were downloaded. so they have different names with diffrent dates.
eg: ‘abc_de_2021-05-07’,’ jkl_zx_2021-08-07’, and I just want torename them as ‘abc_de’ & ‘jkl_zx’

Hi @aditya.bhandwalkar ,
Try to use move file activity to replace file name and move to any particular folder.
If the file name always abc_de then use substring to get the first 6 char and pass it in new file.
Else you can use Regex function to get file name.


but I have many files and i want to change the name in same directory.

Hi @aditya.bhandwalkar, File rename in same location is not possible may be you can move to different folder and again back to same folder using move file activity.


Hi @aditya.bhandwalkar ,

Please try below regex

Attaching result :

To Rename file : use activity called :Rename file
Attaching screenshot

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