Remove the "." in a String

Hi, i have this issue, i need to remove the “.” in this string
19.250.000 or 5.699.000
The output needs to be this one
19250.000 or 5699.000
Any idea how i can solve this?

Hi @Luis_SenMar

Below is the Workflow for the same :-
MainPratik.xaml (7.4 KB)

Output :-

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What if it has multiple .


What Multiple ?

Specify some input what multiple you are saying or else create new post for your issue/query so that it can be clarify der on new post without diverting this issue/topic query.

And i think i have given the solution for the inputs those are given by @Luis_SenMar


So for those inputs it will be working fine.

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can you do this same thing for 123.234.345.456.567.678.789.000?

hi @SatthiReddyzz

Yes. It is possible. I think you must create New post for the same if possible bcz it will not divert this topic and then tag me der in your new post.

But yes below is the solution for your query.

I have attached the workflow below for the same :-
MainPratik.xaml (8.1 KB)

Regex Used :-


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No offence : there should be , (Comma) in place of .(dot)
I just solved it and I am saying it should be dynamic see my previous reply.

Sorry if I wrong.

Hi @SatthiReddyzz

Okies. So while doing replace you can replace the dot with comma

Nothing wrong dear :blush:
Its ok

You too did correct.

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4.Converting String with dots format to Currency Format - YouTube for reference

@Luis_SenMar - instead of replacement of . you can use string.format with custom options… check below link for formatting options. It will improve your code quality!


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