Remove TAB character from String

I have string variable which contains TAB characters in text… I want to remove those TAB characters from String variable.

Can you please help me how?

@Nenad_Mijailovic Welcome to uipath community

       Assign str = uipathTAB

       Assign str = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(str, “TAB”, “”).ToString

Hi Nenad,

You can also use the .Replace method and call the tab character “vbTab”.

For example, you can write in an assign:


Where stringvar is the name of the variable you are using to store that string variable, which will replace all the tabs with nothing. If you want to replace them with spaces, the expression would be:

stringvar.Replace(vbTab," ")

Hope this helps,


You can use regex for this. \s or \cI

Thanks! I used this solution and it works OK.

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