Remove rows from excel where Form Type = "D " and keep website links

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Is there a way to update this excel file to only include rows where Form Type = "D ". The output must still contain an active link to website (SEC Link)?

Form D Report.xlsx (52.4 KB) ?

Hi @Brennan_Montoni

I hope you should not play around the Data Table. You should play the inside the excel file, then you will get the excepted output.

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Hi @Brennan_Montoni …I just tried in StudioX and it is working and i was able to retain the format too…

My Output

As you know, we can use StudioX features in Studio also… if you are good…we can try that option in Studio(using StudioX features) and achieve it…

@prasath17 , I was recommended to use Studio Pro so that’s what I’ve been using. Should I switch to Studio X? A lot of what I’ll be doing is in Excel. Will my Main.xmal files that were created in Studio Pro work in Studio X?

Nope…It won’t work.

Only “Copy Paste Range” Activity retains the format of the cells…but the thing I am scratching my head is …how to use this activity inside the loop just like I did it in StudioX.

If you go to Filter in activities tab, and if you choose “StudioX”, it will allow you to use StudioX featuer within Studio itself…


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@prasath17 , thank you. I’m new at this as you can tell. Could you show me what variables/arguments you used?

Also, the properties menu for the Copy/Paste Range tool looks a bit different than the screenshot you provided. I’m not seeing a field for SheetName or CopyItems.

@Brennan_Montoni - (197.2 KB) .

Run this workflow as is, you will see the new sheet “Copied DR” gets created with only Form Type "D ".

Note: This Project I have created in StudioX and later opened in Studio and ran it. That’s how i got the all the variables easily.

Plus Form Type = “D” is actually Form type = "D " because you have space after D.

Hope this helps…

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@prasath17 , thank you.

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