Remove </p> from a string

Hi guys,
I scrapped data from a page this element:

"Associate account manager - via Eric Brant

Start & end date to be defined when selected"

The return line between cant be removed by string.replace(environment.newline,"") cause this 2 line are 2 paragraph < p ></ p >

Any idea? :cry:


", “”) to remove it :slight_smile:
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I tried before… nothing.:female_detective:

try System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.(strvar,"<.*?>",String.Empty)


Hi @Elya

Use the below expression


Where str is

"Associate account manager - via Eric Brant

Start & end date to be defined when selected"

Refer the below workflow for reference

Main (25).xaml (5.5 KB)

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@nadim.warsi @anil5 I tried the both method and this not working.
You can try with a html page with 2 paragraph like this.

< p >Associate account manager - via Eric Brant </ p >
< p >Start & end date to be defined when selected" </ p >

(</ p > I added i space the make this string visible)

So final string is this only right

After extracting from website can you provide how exactly will be the string

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Associate account manager - via Eric Brant

Start & end date to be defined when selected

HI @Elya,

I wanted after extracting the value from webpage, use write line and print this value, i wanted to see how uipath is printing the value then only a regex can be written for that.

I had used this string in my workflow and provided you the output and if still not working then the issue is with the string.

Use this expression

Where str is the string with p tags

I tried before and that doesn’t work. Unfortunately i can’t give the webpage from i get this string. But atleast, there u ll found screenshot.

Before & after (system.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(str,"<.*?>","").ToString)

To Formated Data.xaml (9.5 KB)

Wow , i think the requirement is not to remove the

tag but to remove the html

formatting that happens.
@Elya can you tell me what is the output you are expecting? no new lines?

you need to do a line feed replace :slight_smile:

yourString.Replace(Environment.NewLine, String.Empty)

It was the first thing I did, and that doesn’t work. It why im here xD

can you help me with the paragraph data, ill hard code for now in your sequence and see how it runs.

I can’t provide you the html page. But you try with your own html page containt 2 simple paragraph.

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I have worked through your code and now here is what is the result.

a small tweak to the expression
System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(io_dataFromJobPage("jobDescription"),"\t|\n|\r"," ").ToString

Attaching your xaml with the update.To Formated Data.xaml (10.5 KB)


Ty @nadim.warsi @anil5 to participate at this discussion. Finaly the “\t|\n|\r” expression worked perfectly.:+1:

And that will be helpfull for next.

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