Remove only items from a route

Greetings to all

I have a deletion activity and I need only to delete the items of the route that you specify.

How do I define the path?

Hi @Sebasthian_Arias

Is the Delete file activity within for each item activity?

Ashwin S

Here path has to be full file path. Sample file path -


Karthik Byggari


I did not make myself understood, I am doing the deletion of several files through a cycle and it remains in the item variable, so every time I find the file it will delete that file. That’s why I need to define in the path: the path and the files to delete


As you said you are looping files from particular folder right. So item variable contains filenames along with the full path. You no need to specify the path again here.

Can you provide screenshot of the flow so that it will be easy to understand

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