Remove Grouped Sum

Hi experts, I have two datatables, one is a pivot data table(DataTable A) containing the group which sum is 1. The other is DataTable B containing all data. I need to remove the rows which sum is 1 from Datatable B and write it to excel.Please assist


Try using Filter Datatable activity to remove the specific rows.

Thanks for your PM. May we ask you to share some sample input data along with a sample of the expected result with us?

This is DT A
Number AMT
AX100 1
B4200 32
CQ300 43
DW400 5
ES500 2
FW600 4
JZ700 1
KS800 1
LA900 54

Wile DT b is

I need to remove matching rows with amt from DT b and store as a datatable but using the pivot DT A and number column as a reference

In otherwords, where column number in dt A match in dt b remove the row in dt B and store as a datable

Are you there

is it still open or done?

Hi @ppr, this is still open, please assist