Remove filtered data from particular column in datatable


I have datatable with 6 columns.Need to filter data for hyphen(-) in column A and delete filtered data from column A alone. same has to be done for column B as well.Please suggest how to do it.


Hi @Sailaja_Pasupuleti

You can use the ‘Filter Data Table’ activity to accomplish this. Open the wizard and on the ‘Filter Rows’ tab, check ‘Keep’ checkbox, and in the columns box, you can use datatable.columns(0) then opeerations contains, and the value should be the hyphen. Add a second row for column B and change the column to datatable.columns(1).

Please let me know if there are further questions.

I have an excel with 100 rows of data

steps to automate excel data:

  1. Filter column A for hyphen(-) and delete data from Column A alone (dont delete entire row)
  2. Remove filter and apply filter on column B for hyphen(-) and delete data from column B alone(dont delete entire row)
  3. Remove filter and apply filter on column A and Column B for blanks and remove all the rows

please suggest the best way to achieve this automation


Why are you not removing the entire row in step 1 and 2? It seems like you’re removing the blank rows in step 3 that you created in previous steps.

yes first I have to make hypen to blank and then remove all blank rows


Below is a picture of what you need to do. You need to remove rows where the hyphen is in column A and in column B.


I am having a similar issue where the Filter activity won’t remove blank rows, did you get a solution?