Remove extra delimitator in last run

I have array of string as arr={“A”,“B”,“C”,“D”)

I am using for each to iterate through each array item.

Now, i am using “Type Into” and using values as [item.ToString +","]

It is typing as A,B,C,D,

My challenge is how to remove the extra “,” after “D” .

Hi @mkm8587 ,

you can use below code to convert array to string



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You can try as

StringVariable = String.Join(",",arr)

above you can in a for each which will you get A, B, C, D without the extra ,

Hope this will help you


when using the output index from the for each acitvity

you can check if it is looped within the last cycle by
idx = yourArrayVar.Length - 1

Hi @mkm8587

Are you looking for something like this?

Thank you.