Remove duplicate with two columns

Hello everybody,

I want to remove duplicates when rows of columns 'Reçu and ‘Famille d’achat’ are identical.

if i had to do it in excel i would do it like this

It’s possible ?

Thank !


Do we need to remove the duplicates in excel?

If yes we can do like this

DtNew = Dt.DefaultView.ToTable(True)

The above expression will remove the duplicates in entire table…

If we need to remove the duplicates in perticular columns we can do like this…

DtNew = Dt.DefaultView.ToTable(True,"Col1","Col2","Col3")


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Thank it work perfectly but he drop my others columns

(i use this expression DtNew = Dt.DefaultView.ToTable(True,“Reçu”,"Famille d’achat

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If we mention the columns this will checks the duplicates in that columns…

It have to work…

Could you please attack the input file here?


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INPUT.xlsx (7.9 KB)

Result – > only row where Name = Christelle and Manoa is keep. And i want keep all column before remove duplicate

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