Remove Duplicate CVS


if I want to remove duplicates from an xslt it goes with “remove duplicate rows” , it doesn’t work with a “csv”, have anyone tips?


Use read csv activity with csv file path as input and get the output with a variable of type datatable named dt
And then that dt can be used as input to REMOVE DUPLICATE ROWS activity

Cheers @BjoernMikolajewski

Hi @BjoernMikolajewski,

Use the csv activity to output your csv into a datatable variable.
Then use the Remove Duplicate Rows activity.
Documentation about this 2 activities can be found below:

this doesn’t work :frowning:

may i know what was the issue you were facing
Cheers @BjoernMikolajewski


Are you writing the output into the excel/workbook? The result will be a datatable without duplicate rows.

It worked, thx :slight_smile:
I use the write csv aplication

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