Remove 2 Empty Spaced from String

Hi Guys,

I am having a problem i am getting a string from a table where values are:

9964125 36,985.00 1,626.00 38,001.00 5.00% - 2.50% 91 0.00 2.50% 91 0.00 39,821.00
as you can see here there is a space between 91 and 0 but this is the same Number that is 910. So i need to remove the 2 Blank space between them because when i remove the Spaces the whole value will get concatinated.

One more Example for this:

`9546525   49,235.00         1,56  5.00    50  ,898.00 5.00%   2,467.00 2.50%          - 2.50%          -               53,357.00`

1565.00 is the Number its getting the space between the. Kindly help me on the same.

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Gaurav Kumar

May i know how you are getting this string
Cheers @Gaurav_Kumar2

hello @Gaurav_Kumar2
below expression might help you

String = string.replace(" “,”")

// replace the space with empty string


@Palaniyappan I am getting this string from the Regex Matches Activity

@Ajju I tried this but this will remove all the spaces from the string and concatenate all the numbers which is not my solution.

can i have a view on the regex if possible
and input string passed to that as well
the reason is this could help us to go in right direction
Cheers @Gaurav_Kumar2

@Palaniyappan Sorry Broo i can not share that regex and input string because its confidential. I need to work only with this string which i have shared.

You can use String.Remove(Int32,Int32) Method.

For example if you use String.Remove(10,2) , it will remove 2 characters from the 10th position in the string.

@Prashant9961 The Position is not stable sometimes it comes in 10th Position some time in 12th or anywhere. The Position is not fixed.

what is the source for this output string @Gaurav_Kumar2

@Ajju i am getting this string from the PDF.

Well, in that case, a series of string manipulation operations need to be performed.

Have a look at the workflow.

Let me know if this works

Sample.xaml (7.5 KB)

@Prashant9961 I am getting this error while running this code.

This is because the user has coded in C# and not VB, once you translate it to VB, it should run without issue

Hi @Prashant9961 Its not working for me as am getting this string "9546525 49,235.00 1,565.0050,898.00 5.00% 2,467.00 2.50%- 2.50%- 53,357.00 as you can see it concatenated the 1565.0050,898.00 but these numbers are separate.