Regular expression to get Boolean values

I need help with a regular expression. I need last 3 Boolean values.

The combination of these 3 Boolean values could be anything:
True True True
False True False
True False True
This is the workflow I made:
TestRegularExpression.xaml (5.1 KB)

This is the sample text file.
APRFees.txt (793 Bytes)

I think you have shared wrong text file because i coudnt see the mentioned Boolean values in the text file

This is the Text: HU# Encompass Fee n Compliance Fee Description Amount Paid By Paio Encompass R Compliance R HOEPA/QM
901 Prepaid Interest Prepaid Interest 414.33 Borror L False False False

Hi @chauhan.rachita30

Try out this regex

(?<=Borror L )[\w\s]+

Update me whether you got a solution or not


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Cannot rely on this Text, it can be anything because I am reading the text using screen scraping and its un-reliable.


Can you try this expression



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Thank you!!! It worked…Thanks a lot.

Your welcome

Can you help with one more regex: I need the first number occurrence from this text: that is “901”.

Is there any static text arround 901

No…But there would be only 2 numbers in the whole string. and I just need the first one.

Can you try this expression

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It wont grab the second number. Right?

Yes try out this and tell me

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working. Thanks

Scroll to the right

Is this a tab delimited file? Looks like it might be. I’d try reading it in as a delimited file. If it works and you then have it in a datatable, the rest is easy.

Read the file, split on VbCrLf, then loop through those, skipping the first row (headers) and split each row on \s with RegEx.


So you can just reference the last 3 elements in the array to get your three booleans (as strings to convert).


If its works fine could you mark it as solution so that it will will be helfull to others also

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