Regular expression to fetch yellow highlighted value

hi I need to scrape yellow highlighted value in the second data which I need that is in table format in e mail body but I write this in text file that why it come like that.

Second screen shot I need e mail id after project contacts. It could be dynamic sometime its one and some time multiple.

HI @Aleem_Khan

Expression for Optional modules:

(?<=Optional modules:\s)\S.+



Can you share your text file ??

HI @Aleem_Khan

Try this expression for getting all the mail id
(?s)(?<=Project Contact(s):\s\n)(.*?)(?=\nLink)

Note : this will get you as one complete match so if you want to use individually use split with new line or something as per your requirements


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Hello @Aleem_Khan,

Main.xaml (8.5 KB)

Have a look at this. It gives the data you need.


(?<=Optional modules:).* I use this expression
Please let me know Iam I following the correct approach ?

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Yes @Aleem_Khan
of course, you can use that too

Yes you can!

Did you check the file I sent to you?

Regards :slight_smile:

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thank you I appreciate :slight_smile: