Regular Expression- Multiple values need extracted

I am trying to extract the highlighted values from the attached photo. The values will always be in the same place with the same labels but will vary in length.

Can someone help? I am trying to use some regex learning tools but I am on a time crunch.

Hey @kasey.betts can you please provide a sample input…
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Sample input below

TOTAL DIRECT LABOR $3,948,110.26 $65,694,405.37
Award Fee $0.00 $0.00
Travel 0.00 8,479.86
TOTAL OTH. DIR. COST $0.00 $8,479.86
Fringe - Standard 32.5900% $345,564.93 $5,437,723.59
Fringe - Std Plus 0.00 2,557.89
Engineering Services 0.00 3,631.68
Enabling Support Ser 14.2700% 169,215.10 2,781,298.83
Enabling Support Ser 30.0800% 66,204.58 753,131.81
G&A-Acquistion Suppo 0.00 4,418.29
G&A-Eng Serv& Tech S 0.00 816.52
G&A-Inovative Soluti 0.00 679.48
G&A-Mission Ops & Se 6.8700% 112,759.01 1,844,217.37
Infor Tech Syst & Sr 0.00 55.15
Mission Sppt & Serv 0.5600% 16,171.52 268,153.73
TOTAL INDIRECTS $709,915.14 $11,096,684.34
Fee $0.00 $3,263,414.90
TOTAL FEE $0.00 $3,263,414.90
Invoice Total $4,658,025.40 $80,062,984.47
Current Incurred Hours: 38,277.14
Cumulative Incurred Hours: 634,833.6

Please specify the items header that you need to extract…

The second dollar amount after TOTAL DIRECT LABOR
The second dollar amount after TOTAL INDIRECTS
The second dollar amount after TOTAL FEE
The second dollar amount after Invoice Total
The value after Current Incurred Hours:
and the value after Cumulative Incurred Hours:

Hey @kasey.betts
please find the xaml file it will help you to extract all those datas. (9.6 KB)

This is the output i got by running the bot.
RegexOut.xlsx (8.4 KB)

Thanks and Regards.

Thank you so much for your help!

How would I get JUST the second dollar amount? The value shown in this photo

Oh wait I see the rest of the workflow

@You can get the second one by using the space as seperator as there is space between bot the datas…

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