ReGex Value between two strings

Hi, I want to get the value between “User Account Name:” and “Request Type:”
I’ve gotten this close, but I’m missing something. Please let me know what it may be. Thanks


Hi @alvini… pls try this

(?<=User Account Name:).*(?=Request)…

Choose Multi-line option in the Matches activity

as .* is not spanning over the multiple lines, so we have to take care.
Have a look here:


I tried in it didn’t match anything…

Thank you I’ll check this out! If I’m still lost I hope you don’t mind If I reach out.

Thank you. I was able to get my solution using this guide.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Hey ppr,

If I want to get the Name between “for” and “;” which is NISHER HOSE, can you help me find the correct regex expression as there is more than one "for’ and “;” in the string

Data Owner Approval Needed for Access Request #: 2137352 for NISHER HOSE; CONTRACTOR; Manager: MUILLER, TIM (TWM0069)

at least as a starter:


And a variation:


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I see very close! Technically, if I was stuck there I could just manipulate the string using VB.Net to extract just the name I’m looking to get from that field?

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