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Any platform to learn more about Regex Expression

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Hi Arun_Pondhe,

If you are just looking to get started, I used this

Hi @Arun_Pondhe

Below link will help you to understand about Regex

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@aanandsanraj I have string-like Example1 - 758-985-6958
Example 2- 758_987_9741
how I can use regex to remove " - " and "


Why don’t you use Replace instead of Regex?

Hi @Arun_Pondhe
I will Suggest you To replace instead of regex use string Replace function. to Replace following steps.

  • Store your Variable in String variable say Str.
  • Then Use **Str.Replace("-"," ")**.
  • Here we have replace - with Space. if you dont want space then Just remove That Space.
    Thanks & Regards
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Thank you so much for help its solve