Regex to test if name starts with

How do we build a regex to filter the data that maches the filter. IF filenumber starts with AZ , CA , CT , DE, MD , MO, NM , OH.

Example : B-AZ702729 , the AZ702729 is the file number if file number starts with the strings mentioned above then thats the regex will get it. So in this example its true because AZ702729 starts with AZ. Any idea would be appreaciated . Thanks

Data to test

A-AZ702729	Test	
M-FL713342	Test1	
R-FL715693	Data	
Q-GA711470	NGST	
C-CT716335	TEST2			
T-LA709416	OK			
B-MD709654	ok3

@AhmedKutraphali - please check this…

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