Regex to check if keyword is found in a string and keyword should be an exact match


I’m trying to use Regex to check if keyword is found in a string and should be an exact match. Currently, I have tried to use boundary, \b[keyword]\b but it accepts special characters. I need exact matching for alphanumeric only.


Keyword = test

Expected Output:
This is a test //found
This is a -test+ //not found
This is a justatest for demo-purposes //not found
This is a test if regex is working //found
Test is working //found



You can use this

[A-Za-z0-9 ]*


You could try this regex:

(?<=^| )Test(?=$| )

You will also need the regex options multiline and ignorecase for the expression to work.

Hi @ptrobot , forgot to mention that I’m using this regex line inside a macro text file and using Invoke VBA. Seems like positive lookbehind is not working for VBA, are you able to confirm? Thanks

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No, it doesn’t seem like VBA regex supports lookbehind at all. But you can remove it and still get the same result (i.e. if the key word exists or not.)

(^| )Test(?=$| )

Line start or space - CaseInsensitive Keyword - Line end or space

Also rewritten to no anchors ready to trim it later:

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