Regex Pattern Extraction

Hi UiPath,

Let say I have the following Email Body Below:

ASEAN PRS: Pending to Submission- SG0179390 - PO Management - PO Processing (Hardware) - 102391 APPLE SOUTH ASIA PTE LTD ( MOBILE ) - PR#(13123141213) - SO#(N/A) - Reseller(N/A)

Ticket ID: SG0179390
Requestor: Test Requestor
PO Number: 4505975563
Remarks: Pending to Release
Please see and check the ticket. Use chrome to open the link.

And I want to Extract the value of Ticket ID: SG0179390

Without the (Ticket ID:) string.

so my goal is the SG0179390

How can I do that using regex?

do we have a simple approach with this situation?

Let me know and advance thanks!

You can use the following expression Ticket ID: [a-zA-Z]+0179390 to extract the Ticket ID. But if you dont want ticket ID, is there a pattern for the format SG0179390?