Regex not working

Hello All,

I want to get the regex of reference value witch

Reference APZU4709586
Reference APZU4709585
Reference APZU4709587

it can be with three occurence ,sometimes it is empty, and in (second occurence
the Reference text does not exist (like this)
Reference APZU4709586

Reference APZU4709587
How manage the both situation please

Best regads


Hope the following helps you.

"(?<=Reference\s+)\w+" (2.4 KB)


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Hi @nora_ziani I have updated a Xaml file below which will help you to extract the reference values. Irrespective of the input the regex code i have written will help you to extract the reference value.
RegexDateExtraction (1).xaml (5.4 KB)

Thank you , but the problem i have other Reference , then I changed it into this ,
I want to get the first occurence , second , third separately


Sorry,I didn’t realize your reply. I replied for this the following topic.


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