Document Understanding- Regex Based Extractor

Dear Community,

I am new to the document understanding and was following the tutorial in the uipath academy to build the workflow.

I try to use the regex based extractor to extract the following sample details for three scenario:
Sample 1 Field Ticket Ref Number 1012930.100

Sample 2 Field Ticket Ref No:XJ19-JI20

Sample 3 Field Ticket Ref No- ODJC.10J9

i have used the regex builder to extract the detail but i not sure how to build a better expression so that it can read all these three data.

The result that i would like to have for the above three sample data are as follow:



May i know if anyone know how to fix this or experienced before in doing the expression?

Many thanks again

Hi @SH_94

How about the following regex give it a try

(?<=Field Ticket Ref Number.)(\S+)|(?<=Field Ticket Ref No.)(\S+)|(?<=Field Ticket Ref No.\s)(\S+)


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Hi @Sudharsan_AIT ,

I try to put in the expression in the regex builder and it give me as follow:

It seem like second and third scenario still have the issues.

Not sure why it show different with the regex 101

Many thanks again for the help.

Try with this

(?<=Field Ticket Ref Number\s)(\S+)|(?<=Field Ticket Ref No:)(\S+)|(?<=Field Ticket Ref No-\s)(\S+)


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Hi @Sudharsan_AIT ,

It work and many thanks again

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Thankyou sir

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