RegEx match not appearing in my output

Dear UIPath,

I’m trying to filter text from a pdf by using a RegEx expression “(?<=Tof MS\s)…[0-9]+”.
It needs to filter four rows of numbers after “Tof MS” i tried but with no result (?<=\n)\d[0-9]{0,5}…[0-9]{0,5}…[0-9]{0,5}…[0-9]{0,5}.

The builder sees my expression correctly, but it won’t print it the output whenever i run my script.

Please help


it might be line break matter. Can you try either of the follownig?

(?<=Tof MS\s+)…[0-9]+


(?<=Tof MS\r?\n)…[0-9]+


Hi @uiStijn

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Can you share the sample input with us.



Hi @uiStijn
Try this

(?<=Tof MS\n)[\d\W]+


Thank you guys for the input, sadly i got no output of the expression.
I can’t upload my sample yet because i am a newbie so i made a link.

The above values need to be found with the regex command. They are random and can be 0-15000 and sometime have a >or< before the value.

Fixed it. Printed the ‘Read PDF text’ activity to a log and saw that i had made a mistake.
Thanks for helping!

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