RegEx (Is Match Activity) always gives me "True"

Dear All

I have a Name Column in my Excel (and DataTable) which should go through Is Mach Activity to assess if the Name contains “pte”, “ltd” or any other sign of non-individual. (Almost over 99% lines in the Name Column do not contain these.)

Whatever a value go through Is Mach Activity, however, Is Mach Activity always returns true regardless of actual presence of strings such as “pte”, “ltd” or whatsoever = 100% true currently, whereas it is supposed to be 99% false.

I am using RegEx Builder to generate Regular Expression. If using String.Contains(“pte”) Or String.Contains(“ltd”)… it gives correct boolean false. There should be something wrong with how to generate Regular Expression, I suppose?

Kindly help me figure out what’s up with my Regular Expression. Thank you in advance.

for adressing your case following regex maybe is better matching the scenario

as an alternate we can do it on array/list base as well

arrValues = {“ltd”,“pte”,“kabu”,“kaisha”}
checkresult = arrValues.Any(Function (x) yourString.Contains(x))

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Thank you for swift response, this worked!

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