Regex expression as variable

Hello all,

I have a question about Regex and UiPath.
My plan is to have a config file, where I can store all the regex patterns needed to extract specific data from pdf files.
My Excel:

Now, in UiPath studio, I want to use the Assign activities, to run that regex formula/expression

My idea is, that since myExcelvariable will have the regex expression from Excel file, the SUC value will be the result of the regex expression. Which will be a string.
I am thinking that UiPath will run the regex expression like :
Is this possible?
If no, any ideas on how to do this?

Environment: Community Studio, 2020.4.1

Thanks a lot!

Short answer:
RegEx Pattern only as String: YES
Programming Statement /VB.Net Code Lines: NO

in general it is doable:

  • define in Excel 2 columns:
    Key, Pattern
    A, ABC{1}

ensure that the excel is readin into a datatable and that you have access to the different patterns

then RegEx.Match(“YourString”, YourPatternVar)… can use it

Let us jknow if you need more help on this

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Thanks @ppr,
My pattern is actually: “/\s\sNo:\s\s(\d+)”

In Assign, my regex is like below:

UiPath should see it like this:

Tested already, if I use the pattern directly, it works OK. When I put the variable, that contain the pattern, not working.


Have alook here

it should prototype your case and the pattern is used as a variable

Well, if I define in studio a variable, that contain a pattern, and in my regex I add that variable, it is working.
Still, I need to troubleshoot, why is not working with the value from my excel file.
Using Write line, I can see that the value from my excel field, is correct. Still, when I add the variable based on my entry from my excel file, I do not get anything.

More troubleshooting…

often some blanks are added by the value retrieved from Excel, so use a proper toString and a trim
check in debugger /watch panel the excel row content slashed, backslashes and the plus sign is hanndled correctly

My fix seems to be double quotes for the value imported from Excel file.

Anyway, this is solving half of my scenario, only the pattern.

I was thinking, if in the assign activity I can add the entire Regex expression from Excel like:

If this is not possible, well, I will stick to the pattern only.

Thanks a lot @ppr.


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