RegEx builder to String for use in file name


I extracted data from a PDF (via Read PDF Text) and used the RegEx builder to extract the relevant strings. These I have assigned to a variable for processing.

Issue is that I can’t use the variable in the file name. The string variable - in debugging mode - has an @ in front of it. Example


How can I convert this so I can use the string in the file name / lose the @ in total?

@ is just indicating that the text will not be parsed / interpretated and is not part of the variable value

Thanks for your quick response. Is there a way to convert or avoid this? For instance in the Read PDF Text or in an assign function?

I can use the variable to write into the patient file and Word documents, but would like to use the patient and date of birth in the file name.

there is nothing to fix. You will see the @ as mentioned in the debug visualization but it is not part of the value

for this you can provide us sample text as you question sounds like you want to extract particular information from the PDF text. Maybe we can do it with RegEx, but do need the samples

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Hi Peter,

Yes I use the RegEx [Name: ]Name: (.{1,300}). So the steps are

  1. Read PDF Text (which has the @)
  2. the extracted text is used for RegEx matches - and returns the required value (including @)
  3. the values are used for processing in Word and the application - which works fine
  4. I would like to use the extracted name in the Word file name. Here it blocks as it doesn’t accept the value with @“Mr. A.B.C. Defg”

Attached an anonymized example of the text from the PDF file Example Sender Patiënt.docx (12.1 KB)

Much appreciated / Dank

as already mentioned and elaborated have a look on following getting text from PDF:

@ is not part of the value
@ is before the surounding "

Any further open question on this?

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your support. Much appreciated.

Will have to change the workflow a bit to accomodate then.


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