Regex - Arabic letters - Reverse Match

I want to reverse word in excel but not all the word

Hi @Islam_Abdallal ,

Could you provide us with the Expected Output after the reverse is performed ?

This would help us in understanding the logic better and clearer.

For example in A3

in general we can start for detecting arabic letters with:

and can enhance the pattern. Also have a look at the right to left regex option

Hi @Islam_Abdallal ,

We could check with the below regex expression :



Then we could substitute the word matched with the reverse of the word using the Regex Replace method like below using an Assign Activity :

strOutput = Regex.Replace(strInput,"[\u0600-\u06ff]+|[\u0750-\u077f]+|[\ufb50-\ufc3f]+|[\ufe70-\ufefc]+",Function(r)String.Join("",r.Value.Reverse.ToArray))

Here, strOutput is a String type variable which will contain the reversed arabic words, strInput is the input string.

Visuals from Debug :

Let us know if this does not work as expected. (Could not verify completely as arabic language is involved).