Regarding project submission link

I am from zone 9. Where to upload my projects after completing them? I can’t able to find any link regarding project submission

@Saianiruth_M welcome to our community!

  1. Go to the “Project” tab in the top menu.
  2. Click on “Settings” to open the project settings.
  3. In the project settings window, select the “General” tab.
  4. Under the “Default” section, you will find the “TimeZoneId” field.
  5. Enter the appropriate time zone identifier for Zone 9. Time zone identifiers are usually in the format of “Continent/City”. For example, if Zone 9 represents Tokyo, you can enter “Asia/Tokyo”.
  6. Click “OK” to save the project settings.

By setting the time zone in UiPath Studio, it will affect the date and time-related activities and variables in your automation, ensuring they align with the specified time zone.

Please note that Zone 9 is not a standard time zone identifier, so it’s important to use the correct time zone identifier that represents your desired time zone.