REFramework System Exception Retries

The process.xaml is already surrounded by a try-catch block when it is invoked (from process state in the state machine)

Therefore you don’t need to surround anything inside the process.xaml, because if an Exception is happening (thrown by any activity when it fails), it will be handled by REFramework itself. (as Business or System exception)

If you want, you can still handle the error yourself, by doing something when the error happens, such as create a log in a log text/excel file, or log message to create log in output window/orchestrator. Or just handle it any different way, like pause, wait for correct input or whatever, up to your imagination, wait in a loop for the error is corrected, for example a person types the correct data, valid email, or whatever.

But anyways, if you handle it yourself in REFramework, then in the orchestrator it may appear as a ‘success’. (unless when you handle it you use Set Transaciton Status activity by yourself and set the status differently).

If you want a combination of YOU + REFramework both to handling it. You still do try-catch, but you need to rethrow the same error after you handled it, so REFramework can ‘catch’ it.
(just add a rethrow in the catch block of your own try-catch), example like:

But mostly that is the good thing about REFramework, that it is why it was designed, to handle the errors/logging. (by “errors” I mean catching Exceptions)

It would be an example of Try catch in a Try catch (like here):