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Quick Questino for everyone… I have a process im working on. Im running into some issue passing values back to the main from the process workflow when an exception is thrown. The arguments pass value and hold value within the Process workflow as the arguments are passed into severl workflows within the Process worfklow. It seems the variables are not being updated in the Main after being processed in the Process workflow.

At a glance can anyone see what might be causing this?




I’ve tried using Out arguments in both the Process and Main… Still no result. See below.

Dont like @ people directly… But its a bit urgent and you guys have helped me in the past.

@bcorrea @Palaniyappan

@Jarzzz can you place any activity after process workflow and set breakpoint and check the values

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@Jarzzz in the workflow i can see in arguments naming is fine but for the out arguments you have taken name from simple dt_ and in main you are settling in out_dt
It should be in a reverse manner :wink:

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Can you expand?

My process workflow is below… As you can see the DTs have values in them. The DTs are initialized as Arguments with an OUT direction. When an exception is thrown those values are not being passed to the main.

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@Jarzzz just put any activity after the process workflow and check the values at that point by setting a breakpoint

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Was about to call you wizard hahah thought I wasnt giving Studio a chance to update. Still have the issue. I added a Log message, still nothing. Even let it run throung to the System Exception path.

@Arpit_Kesharwani I’ve tried setting the Arguments as OUT within the Process for Each DT. Assigning the Import Argument to a DT variables in the main. Didnt work either.

Is it something with exceptions that pass differently?

@Jarzzz There may be a chance process workflow thrown an exception before datatable update. If this is the case then your out values will be null only

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Ya, I’ve thought of that and understand the logic there. The thing is that the two of the DTs get populated with info prior the bulk of the process starting. The screenshots show that those two DTs are populated while in the Process workflow too. Appreciate your help so far. Re-posting the Process and Main argument and Process Import Argument screenshots. Any other thoughts?



Process Import Argument

apparently when an exception is throw data does not get passed back

Ill throw you a solution for the help =D

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