Recuperate children from children (scrape a dynamic website)

Hello guys,

My goal is to scrape a ready-to-wear website, the problem is that the website’s tabs are dynamic (example: appearance of the SALES tab during sales periods …)
I told myself that the best approach is to try to recuperate the structure of the website in several stages:
1 - In red: Retrieve the names of the main tabs (SOLDES, NOUVELLE COLLECTION, …)
2 - In green: Retrieve the names of the sub-tabs (FEMME, TRF, …)
3 - In blue: Recover the name and URL (outlined in blue on the photo) of the sub-tabs
4 - do the scraping

Any help will be appreciated :pray: :pray:

I thank you in advance

You can try Find Children activity and filter for li tags. You can use get attribute for the obtained list to get the href value.