Record duplicate cells in Excel

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I’m removing duplicate cells from Excel, I can already make uipath do this process, but I want to get the record of which duplicates were removed, and this part that I’m not able to do in uipath.


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Cheers @Luan_Carvalho_Da_Conceica

Guys, and so was the end result;
1 Assign declaring datatable read range =
(From p in output.Select() where (From q in output.Select() where string.Join(",", q.ItemArray) .Equals (string.Join(",", p.ItemArray)) Select q ) .ToArray.Count> 1 Select p) .ToArray.CopyToDataTable ()

2 Remove duplicate rows by taking Assign data table declaring read range data table.

3 Output data table getting data table Remove duplicate rows.

4 Append Line taking data table output data table to store in notepad.

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