Received HTTP Status 400 – Bad Request


Hi Ovi,

I have sent JSON data to another app with using HTTP Request / POST in UiPath and received an error “HTTP Status 400 – Bad Request”. This service is working properly using SoapUI.

Sent body data as follows:

“companyId”: “5cbfda7e788f0453734e634b”,
“userId”: “5c6e944930a5c256e8068413”,
“mainSection”: “company”,
“requestType”: “list”,

And I have tried to send body data format with double quotes, single quotes and pass through text file also.

Do you have any idea about this.



Does anyone aware about this ?


If you are sending that JSON as a string, you need to escape your inner JSON double quotes.

If this data is from a .json file then:
Lose the "" around the {}

If it is already in UIpath did you desirialize it and sended it as a string? (Might be more usefull)

I have tried this. still it is coming as HTTP status 401-unauthorized error. here i have attached the project .xaml file also.

JasonFrmTextFile.xaml (8.9 KB)

This is working fine, I have changed the body format as application/json and it worked

Thanks @Joeri_Rethy

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