Receipt and Invoice AI Document Understanding

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to extract data from a digital PDF using Receipt and Invoice AI Document Understanding.

Out of all field, I am not able to capture Order number from PDF.
Attached Sample PDF and my code.

I am using cloud enterprise trial version, Please add API key to project.

Order Number|690x325
Attaching Sample PFD for reference.wordpress.pdf ( (67.4 KB) 2.6 KB)

Hello @Lakshay_Verma,

the Invoices model does not contain an “order number” field. So out of the box model does not support it.

Try other extraction methods to address that particular field if possible… try the regex extractor or the form extractor.

Hope this helps,


Understood, so there is no way to train this model as per the requisite.
Yes, That’s possible to extract this data via other methods and i have done that already; My point is to understand this AI working methdology.

Thank @Ioana_Gligan