ReadPDF has thrown an exception Message: Cannot set unknown member 'UiPath.Core.Activities.GenerateDataTable.CSVParsing'. Exception Type: Exception System.Exception: Cannot set unknown member 'UiPath.Core.Activities.GenerateDataTable.CSVParsing'

I had a work flow which was working fine and all of a sudden I started getting this error message for generate Data table activity. Any idea why and what would have caused it ?

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Even I am facing same issue, did you find any solution, Sachin?

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Same problem. Performed updates of some packages yesterday, not sure if I updated UiPath.Core.Activities though.
Tried to unistall and reinstall the package, without success.

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Quick fix if you’re in a hurry:
You can remove the CSVParsing attribute directly in the xaml file with a code editor.
Saving the document again in UiPathStudio will put the attribute back.

IMHO, maybe the bug is due to a change of implementation of the activity without a change in the UI that writes the xml.


Some how restarting the machine addressed the issue but now it has impacted the Get OCR text activities and none of the data is getting scrapped properly.

For the bug is there a way to log it ? did you log it ?

CSVParsing property has been added in 2018.2 UiPath , so in case you have developed the code in 2018.2 and trying to execute the same in 2018.1 Studio/Robot, this property will not be identified and lead you to the error. So make sure to use correct version.


I got the same problem. The root cause is Generate Data Table Activiti which getting corrupt as the CSVParsing property get added to the XAML file.

This occurs when I open the xaml file in a lower version of UiPath (One of the Reason to simulate the issue).
Steps to Resolve:
I have opened the xaml file in notepad and remove the CSVParsing property from the file.

Which resolve the issue.

hi asishkumar, I am encountering the same error: could not parse file (guessing due to csv file too). May I know which part did you removed in notepad to solve the issue?
Thank you.