Reading outlook email (german) and pdf


my top toolbar in outlook is in English and the Inbox, delete are in German (please see the picture
) . I am trying to read Posteingang (Inbox) but the software says “the folder does not exists”.

In Get outlook mail I have written to search for this folder. looking for suggestions :smiley:

“sending an automated is possible with uipath”!!

Hello there,
If it’s under Inbox then pass like this,

PS: keep account field blank.

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I was able to read email. Thanks ddpatil.

Can you tell me how can I read a substring (“euro”) in a body email!!
I have tried mail.body.contains(“euro”) but It didn’t work

Thanks in advance

Hello there,
Try this,

Hi it didn’t worked out!! Any other creative idea

Works for me,
Can i have your exact requirement.
Attach mail body if possible.

Hey ddpadil,
This is the body of email. I am interested in regarding 20, the number infront of KSA and KST.

please arrange the payment of 20, - Euro to the recipient from the attached PDF.

The invoice is to be posted on

KSA 7860005400
KST 5099910157

Try this.

Here we go.
MailBodyItem.xaml (9.3 KB)

PS: please import System.Text.RegularExpressions to avoid complex namespace prefix .
then code looks like this

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Thousand Thanks :smiley:

In the mail which is above there are KSA and KST numbers. I need to use this numbers in order to fill an application in SAP.
One idea: I can make PDF of the mail and copy this number!! using get text and assigning them as variable.

But I was wondering if you have any other idea ?

Happy Weekend :slight_smile:

hi Dilip,
I have been facing an exception message saying “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”.
When i explored in the forum, lot of messages are saying this is because of “initializing the object”.
So, my question where to initialize? Could you please advice.