Reading multiple pages of a PDF

Hi all,

I have a folder with multiple PDFs (invoices - all with the same structure), some with one page, some with more. Each page is a different invoice and has all data in the same places.

I want to read a specific field on each of the invoices, which I can already do by opening the PDF and using Get Text, but I can only do this for the first page of each PDF. I need to find a way to read the following pages in the longer PDFs independently of the number of pages.

For this, I am now trying to extract PDF pages (this is my process extract pdf pages.xaml (10.5 KB)) but each of the broken PDFs always come as multiple sets of two pages, so in the end I can not read the last page anyway.

  1. Can you help me perfect my robot and break down PDF with many pages into many PDFs of one page only?
  2. If not, Would you recommend any other way to read my PDFs? And can you specify? Keep in mind it has to be with Get Text activity.

Thank you!

to split pdf in to multiple pdf

  1. get page count in a pdf (How to find the total number of pages in a pdf file in uipath)
  2. from package manager install PDF Extension and you will get “Extract PDF page” activity and break each page as individual pdf.

Hi @hk803592,

Thanks for your help, but could you specify a bit more? If you open my workflow, you will see that I already have the “extract PDF pages”, but maybe the parameters are not correct? I can already break down a PDF but the output is always a collection of PDFs with two pages each, istead of single page PDFs.


You can see in the image that each of the output PDFs has two pages.