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I have an excel table with different columns and would like to insert a new column + name the column header. In the new column I need only the last six digits from another column e.g. column “J”. After that I have to create a pivot table and write it back to excel and save the file on my desktop.

I started with “Excel Application Scope” and “Read Range” to read in the file.


As mentioned I don’t know how and with which activities I can continue . Could you please support me with this UiPath process?
Thank you very much in advance!

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Use Add data column activity to add the column and name the column

For Pivot table, you can use below


Hope this will help you


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Hi @Joki

The below video will give you an idea about creation of pivot table.

Thank you.


Read Range the sheet into a datatable. Manipulate the data in the datatable (ie add columns etc). Write Range to a new Excel file. Delete old file if desired.

Hi @Joki

We can create pivot table using invoke vba activity


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