Read Transaction Data - Error at Assign

Im having issue at Read Transaction Data at Assign part. Having below error:

Can someone assist?

Thank You

hi @Izzatul_Akmal,

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The Error Refers - you are Assigning a Null value to a variable. In your Workflow - After Login Successful - Look for the Assign Activity and verify that the right side of assign is not null. You Can Run the flow in Debug Mode.

Would be Good if you can share the screenshot of the activity giving Error.


Attached screenshot:

hi @Izzatul_Akmal ,

The TransactionData is coming as Null.

Please Correct me if I am Wrong - The variable shown below is Transaction Data - If not Can you Verify in Debug Mode - What Value are you getting the Locals > Variables for Transaction Data.

Also Please let me know - what is mentioned in the assign.



Variables as below:

Meanwhile, in assign the value for WIList is:
TransactionData.Select("Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’ ")

OKay , Now Run the Flow in Debug Mode as we did earlier , Put a Breakpoint on the Assign and then Check on the left side in debug mode … You will have a Local Pane - There inside the Variable … we have to check what value are we getting for Transaction Data in the Runtime.


This is what I want you to verify - See in your first screenshot - PLease Expand the Variables Pane in the left and See the Value for TransactionData


okay understood. The value is null…so what should i do?what need to be change?
Sorry for asking to much… this is my first project in here…already tried for a month but still got the same error.


So TrsnsactionData is a DataTable which should have all the Data from the acme site where you will apply the Filter.

  1. Go to the step where you are extracting the Data from Web and storing in a DataTable.
    2.After this step verify if the Datatable has values - same way we verified in debug mode - there you have to check for the output variable of the Extract Data.
  2. If you are Getting Data Here - Good - Output this Datatable .
  3. The Output dataTable above will become your Transaction Data.


Already done it. but still hit same error…anything that need to be fix?

Can you Run the Flow in Debug Mode and Check the Result of ExtractDataTable.

Also please share the screenshot of the arguements from this xaml file.



Can you please share your Code - I will look into it and revert.


Unable to share due to new user don’t have access to upload file…

You have to set Output Datatable by Argument to pass value

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noted…thank you for advise

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