Read text report until "end of reports" phrase

I have a mission to read a daily text report into data table. I successfully do it by using filterdatatable. However, there is a odd case that the daily reports will have two daily reports combine into one text file.
My question is how to read the text file until the words “End of reports” into DT1 and then begin another read into DT2.

Use string manipulation or regex to divide it and write it itno different DATATABLE

Hello @Tsang_Wang_Kei and welcome to the community!

You could use Regex to read the text file and use a for each activity to process each daily report. This would work whether it’s one, two, three or more daily reports generated.

Hi, @Tsang_Wang_Kei

Based on your scenario, it might help you…

Split_Data.xaml (6.7 KB) test.txt (74 Bytes)