Read text in excell cell, then find corresponding folder

Hi, I want to read the text from excel and find the corresponding folder in windows.

Let say, I have excel file containing the list of folder I want to open in file explorer.

and here is my folder.

So I want to read from excel file on cell A2, then after read “dotnet”, I want to find in the screen, where is “dotnet” folder. I have tried using function “text exist”. However, it wasnt working.

Can anybody tell me which function should I use to find the corresponding folder?

Hello @Raspi_Erwin,

Check Library snippet for iterating trough files, do a name check and that should do iterate trough files. attached you have an example of how to iterate trough folders(just a small change in the used functions) Example.xaml (6.1 KB)

Good luck :slight_smile:

HI Andry, do I need to install the library first?


No, check the example that i provided to iterate trough files, and when you find the one that you need, use start process with explorer and the path to folder as an argument